Week 3 data analysis discussion | Data Analysis for Accounting


Week 3 Data Analysis

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Based on the database you created in Week 1, make any modifications you feel are needed now that you have additional knowledge of databases and add 20 more records to your original database.  Use at least 2 features of Excel’s database functions to perform an analysis on your data,one of which needs to be data validation.   Take screen shots of the results of your analysis and upload them to the discussion board.  Explain why you used these features and what you found as a result.  Discuss your findings with your classmates.

Comment to at least one other student’s analysis and if you think their conclusions seem reasonable of if you see some additional or different risks and controls 
Participation Requirements:
The minimum number of posts this week is a total of  2 substantive (4-5 sentences each) posts for this topic on 2 different days.  Initial post is due no later than Friday.  You must post and respond to at least one person. 
This will be an on-going discussion using various aspects of data bases and data analysis.
Graded Activity:
Click on the link above labeled “Week 3 Data Analysis Discussion” to enter the discussion boards for Week 3 and then click on the discussion topic thread to reply.