Week 3 discussion | SOC 450 – Solutions to Global Issues | Strayer University


Chapter 5, “Energy,” explains why the world is mid energy crisis, especially concerning the rapid use and depletion of nonrenewable natural resources (Hite 2021). According to Hite (2021), “Many experts predict that the largest increase in demand for oil in the coming years will come from increasingly industrialized economies with large populations” (p. 140).


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Task A) Main Discussion Post (at least 175 words): Read Carefully

1) Drawing from Chapter 5 in your textbook and other course materials, discuss the ways in which the energy crisis could be offset by measures taken in and by developed nations.

2) Discuss potential strategies that could be used to reduce the demand for energy in industrialized economies with large populations.

3) Discuss issues associated with meeting the demand for energy in both developing and developed countries, while also taking more responsible approaches. NOTE! For Question 3, it will be helpful to select a developing country from the World Bank List (see Course Information section).

4) Cite your work! Remember to provide in-text citations and at least one properly-formatted end source for your main discussion post. This ensures your post is based on scholarly research rather than your anecdotal experiences. NOTE! Remember class, when you do not cite your work (i.e., fail to give credit to the author/s), it becomes an Academic Integrity violation, and your work will be referred to that office. 

Task B) Student-to-Student Response: Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least one other student. You should offer a substantive comment on that classmate’s position, including details, examples, and, if necessary, citations.