Week 4 discussion- soc 450 | SOC 450 – Solutions to Global Issues | Strayer University

Read Chapter 10 in Global Issues: An Introduction.


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Class, in preparation for your first assignment due in Week 6, I would like you to spend some time working on this assignment this week. The assignment due date is coming up very soon (Week 6) and now is the time to really focus on this paper. I have posted a Week 6 Assignment Sample Paper, the Week 6 Outline template and other related documents in the Course Information section.  I strongly suggest that you produce an Outline for this assignment or use the Completed Outline Template (posted in the Course Information section). An outline provides a good frame for the assignment content.  Please Read the Week 6 Assignment instructions, the topic for the Week 6 Assignment is: “The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security”


TASKS 1 & 2 ) Post a minimum 150 word summary of your personal research plan AND at least two (2) complete References (not just the https address)  for the Week 6 assignment.

Please comment on academic sources you plan to use (list some), and which sources you are reviewing or plan to review for this assignment. Please use the Strayer University Library research library linked here or found on the Strayer library website.

Class do not copy this example or any other student’s discussion posting for Week 4…..Thank You. 


Good morning Dr. Royal-Smith and classmates,

For the week 6 assignment, I plan to use various sources to write a complete persuasive paper to address the questions in the assignment about the relationship between atmospheric weather patterns and food security in the developing world. Since it is a persuasive paper, I will use research driven from primary and secondary sources. In this paper, I will use a combination of research that includes SOC 450 course material including the Hite Chapter readings (2021), additional course media information, World Bank Reports for Developing Countries, and information from the Library of Congress. I have checked the World Bank List of Developing Countries (2020) from the Course Info section, I have selected the countries of Liberia and Mexico.  Both countries have existing climate change, global warming, and food security issues policies.

I also plan to use Strayer University online research portal, academic research databases and other credible sources to gather data that will address the questions in this assignment as well as providing a well written persuasive paper on the matter. The focus of this paper will be within the specific course materials and learning outcomes associated with the assignment, which is to focus on evaluating the impact that climate change has on the growth of the global population and the security on its food sources. Below are two sources I will include in this paper.

1. Tomecek, Steve, 2012. Global Warming and Climate Change.https://eds-b-ebscohost-com.libdatab.strayer.edu/eds/ebookviewer/ebook/bmxlYmtfXzQyMTI4Ml9fQU41?sid=9f353883-ab9e-4096-8163-  e0507b75a75f@sessionmgr4006&vid=3&hid=/&format=EB

2. A. N. SARKAR, 2016. Global Climate Change and Confronting the Challenges of Food Security. https://eds-a-ebscohost-com.libdatab.strayer.edu/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=4&sid=7c1df663-4008-40ab-977e-5ccffc1c8058%40sessionmgr4006 

Student: Thomas. A.  (SOC 450)

TASK 3) Respond to another student’s post about their work on this assignment.