Week 4 problems (bus5250 bus analytics & research methods)


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Week 4 Problems

· Due Saturday, September 15 by 11:59pm

Week 4-College – Data.pdf

Download Week 4-College – Data.pdf

Load manually College data above  in Excel Sheet and manipulate the data to address the following:

Summarize the data using Excel Descriptive Statistics

Create a pie-chart for Year in College

Create a Histogram for IQ, include Normal distribution density curve.

Make a scatter plot with IQ and x-axis and Exam Grade on y-axis, include trend line. What can you conclude?

Make a scatter plot with sex (gender) on the x-axis and IQ on the y-axis, include trend line. What can you conclude?

Problem Guide:

1. You will manipulate and analyze data using Excel or SPSS.

2. You will copy charts, graphs, tables, from Excel or SPSS into a Word document.

3. Write a report on your findings in the Word document referencing the charts, graphs, and tables from Excel or SPSS.

The original questions must be typed out as headings, with follow up answers + charts, graphs, and tables in paragraph format, and a summary or conclusion at the end of the paper. Problems have no references limit and must be in APA format.