Week 6 communication | Economics homework help

Suppose that for the past two weeks, your department has been developing policy changes. During this time, your colleague was on vacation and did not participate in the process. When he returns, he doesn’t agree with a number of items and wants them changed. Because the policy changes are due the next day, which of the following would you use to approach this conflict? Thoroughly explain why you selected this option and how you intend to use it.

  1. Accommodation.
  2. Avoidance.
  3. Collaboration.

2.) Consider what you’re working on this week to prepare for your presentation. Why is it important to set aside time to organize and outline your speech? Select one option below and thoroughly explain how an outline will provide this benefit.

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  1. Increase audience engagement.
  2. Decrease speech anxiety.
  3. Assist with meeting time and requirements

3.)You receive the following message via email from your supervisor. Review the message and then answer the question below.

Subject Line: Stop Working Overtime NOW!
Message: Hey, When I reviewed this week’s timesheets, I saw that way too many people worked overtime. This is costing our company too much money and needs to immediately stop. Going forward, before you work overtime, you must get approval from your supervisor.
Supervisor John

Identify one change from the list below that you would make to the above email and thoroughly explain why you would make that change.

  1. Word choice.
  2. Tone.
  3. Subject line.

4.)We have all experienced workplace or personal changes that require us to adapt quickly. Select one of the changes below, and explain how you have used your agility skill to adapt to that change in the past. Or, explain how you would use your agility skill to adapt to it in the future.

  1. New and/or increased workplace responsibilities.
  2. Change in supervisor.
  3. Starting a new job.