Week 7 | Biology homework help

For this week’s discussion, select ONE of the three topics below for your initial post. Your initial post is to be posted by Thursday and should consist of 150+ words. You should also post a reply to at least two other posts of at least 35 words or more, with at least one-follow up question, by Sunday. 

For ONE bonus point on this discussion, reply to another student’s question with a reply of 35 words or more. 

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1. Compare and contrast emphysema and chronic bronchitis with regard to clinical manifestations, risk factors, pathophysiology, management, and treatment.


2. What are the differences when comparing prerenal acute renal failure, intrarenal acute renal failure, and postrenal acute renal failure? Give examples of each.


3. Explain what causes different types of kidney stones to form and identify the goals in treating renal calculi.