week 7 interactive learning assignment minimum 1200 words

This assignment draws on the concepts and material focused on the readings for the week and throughout the course. One key aspect of marketing is to ensure a strong website.  In this assessment, review your favorite automobile brand company’s website.  As you assess the website, you will then act as a blog writer for the company and write a blog post to promote the company’s latest marketing effort to customers.  This blog will should highlight the following:

1) What is the essential theme for the marketing strategy

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2) What are at least 3 values you want your customers to understand about the marketing strategy and Why do they need to know about this strategy?

3) answer the question overall of what is in it for the customer? 

Discuss current events, tactics, or other information about how the company plans to carry out this strategy in the future.

A blog should serve as supplemental content and a way for a website to provide a way to connect with consumers and “speak” to them, with some flair of personality.

Some good examples of blogs can be found here: https://www.sitebuilderreport.com/inspiration/blog-examples  

Review a handful of the examples in the link and other key blogs that exist and write your own as if you were the digital marketer and blogger for the company chosen. Write the blog in a standard industry minimum of` 1000 to 1500 words, with also at least 2 creative elements to it such as for example:

  • Company Logo
  • Lifestyle image from company website
  • Creative design of the blog title 
  • Some type of border

This can be in either a word document OR power point slides, this is at the discretion of the student. As long as it is visually appealing and meets the requirements above.

The assignment will be assessed on how it fits the overall website look and feel, and provides an overall element of articulating the company’s marketing strategy in a focused format that connects and communicates with consumers.

Since this is a blog, APA formatting is NOT required, but proper grammar and writing mechanics is expected.