Week 7 | Operations Management homework help

Assignment 6 involves updating your project plan by creating a stakeholder communication and management plan.

The stakeholder management plan, is a tool used by project managers to help keep a close eye on all stakeholders in the manner intended. You will be provided with a template to help you complete the information. In the stakeholder management template, you will identify the following:

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  • Stakeholder
  • Level of Power or Influence on the project
  • Impact Assessment that covers how they will be impacted by the outcome of the project
  • Strategy assessment that defines how you plan to manage the stakeholder.

When completing the Stakeholder Management Template please keep in mind the details of the project, the level of interest of each stakeholder and consider the best interest of the project. Remember to include both internal and external stakeholders.

Next you will use the Communication Management template to determine your communication tools and techniques. Here you must also consider your project details and information. You must also keep in mind your project team and stakeholders.

Please use the template to help you cover the following information:

  • Message: What are you communicating?
  • Audience: Who is receiving the communication?
  • Method: What are you using to communicate?
  • Frequency: How often are you sending this communication?
  • Senders: Who is responsible for distributing this information?

There are many different forms of communication in a project, try to cover as many as you feel are necessary for your chosen project.

For this assignment, please submit your completed templates for both the stakeholder management and communication management plan.

Download the template as a .doc here.

Download the template as a .pdf here.