Week topic 1 & 2

Weekly Disscussion

No plaigarism

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need atleast a couple paragraphs for each top[ic 1 &2 with 1 reference APA citation


Topic 1 – Human Computer Interaction

This topic relates to the following concepts for this week:

  • Human / Computer Interaction

Question / Challenge
Locate a current or conceptual product / tool which demonstrates the Human / Computer Interaction (HCI) (students will need to identify unique resources from other classmates).

Responses will need to include, but are not limited to:

  • Name of product / tool
  • URL
  • Synopsis of how the product / tool works
  • Information on how the product / tool demonstrates HCI

Topic 2 – Usability, Accessibility & Design

This conference relates to the following topics for this week:

  • Usability & Accessibility
  • Impact of Interface Design

Question / Challenge
Select one of the two topics below (no more than 18 of each topic posting will be permitted):

  • Locate a web resources that provides guidance on usability standards / best practices for web sites and services (students will need to identify unique resources from other classmates).
  • Locate a product or service that can be used by the consumer to access sites or by a developer to replicate a limitation of the consumer (students will need to identify unique resources from other classmates).

Once identified students will respond to the topic providing the following requirements:

  • Name of tool or service
  • URL
  • Synopsis of the tool or service
  • Information on how the tool / service relates to usability / accessibility

Conferences consist of two components: Topic Response & Classmate Response

  1. Topic Response – a response to the instructor’s main questions
  2. Minimum of 2 sources to be used in EACH Topic Response
  3. Minimum Topic Response – Word Count = 70 per topic
  4. Review & Respond to 1 classmate’s Topic Responses for BOTH Topic #1 AND Topic #2
  5. Cite Sources using APA Guidelines