Weely sprint report – retrospectives

Our Project:

Education web platform which allows students to specify their desired degree and preferred University in order to determine the optimal course curriculum to graduate in the shortest amount of time. The platform would use GPS to identify near-by community colleges in which to augment the students schedule in order to reduce cost or time-to-completion. Additional pay functionality would allow a student to schedule course notifications, adjust classes based on personal preference, and pre-register at supporting Universities.

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The thing you need to do:

Software Engineer Class Project Presentation(10 mins of talking) – Around 5 pages speaking notes

Talk about security, design:

Based on the Home Page and Login Page, tell me how these pages satisfy the user’s needs(student only).

Are they easy to use for user? And Why?

Why the user like/dislike the design? 

How can we improve the problems as a developer or security perspective?

Sprint Report:

what we should stop to do?

– Moblie Version (everything) because we want to focus on the Web application first.

what we should continue to do?

– Web Page Mock up

– meeting with Users during non-working hours.

what we should start to do?

– Create School Search page

– Sign up option in Login page for student account (including profile page)