Wells fargo assignment | Business & Finance homework help


Submit a Word document – containing detailed responses to each question in the specific case. Include pictures, images or diagrams. 

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The Word Document should:

1. No more than 8 pages, and no less than 5 pages, this includes the cover page

and the reference pages. 

2. The 1st page is to list the case title and your name.

3. The 2nd page is to summarize the case or give history of the case.

4. The 3rd to the 5th pages are to answer the three questions (list each question again in numerical order then answer it).

5. The 6th page is to give a conclusion or comments or solutions for the case.

6. The 8th or the last page should be used for references or sources of information or citations for the case.

7. The pages must be numbered at the center or at the upper right corner of the page.

8. Use the font size 12 and arial text, double space and check for spelling and grammatical errors before you submit.

9. Align the left and right margins, justify the page to look even for both margins.


Read in your textbook, Case 3 Wells Fargo: The Stage Coach Went Out of Control. (attached)

1. How did Wells Fargo’s focus on short-term gains violate the duties it owed to consumers, regulators, and employees?

2. Describe how the Wells Fargo scandal demonstrates that organizational leaders must not only establish goals but ensure that those goals are being acted upon appropriately.

3. Why are ethical values useless unless they are continually reinforced within the company?