What would you do essay on civil war


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Students are required to answer one of the following:

  1. Your family      lives in Virginia. They own a modest farm which has two families of      slaves. It is the new year of 1861 and war is possible. Which side will you support? Why will you be willing to give your      life if necessary for the Union or the newly forming Confederacy? Your slaves are anxious and speak of      freedom. What is to be done with      them?
  2. It is the spring of      1865. Your family resides in      Roswell, Georgia and has experienced four long years of war. A peace has been signed. The      Reconstruction period is commencing. Congress is passing new laws which may change the South. Do you agree and follow these new      laws? Or do you resist these      changes and work ardently to make sure that as little as possible changes      in the South? What is your      motivation and what are your beliefs about the status of the former      slaves?
  • (3 points) A maximum of will be given based on the use of imagination and creativity      when creating their essay.
  • (3 points) A maximum of will be given based on the correct use of historical facts,      persons and events in an accurate historical manner. For example, an essay dealing with the      Reconstruction period should include appropriate references to that time      period.
  • (2 points) The student can      earn up to for properly addressing the question or      situation asked in the original essay assignment.
  • (2 points) A final will be awarded for the essay’s presentation. The body of the essay should meet the      following criteria:
  • The essay should be at      least two complete pages of text using standard font and margin size. No references will be needed in terms of      footnoting etc. Obvious mistakes, such as misspelled words and incorrect      grammar should be avoided. The      essay should be proofed by the student to ensure that the question posed      has been addressed.