Wk 3 assessment prep: objections table or chart | COM539 Communications: Selling And Customer Engagement | University of Phoenix

This week focuses on building the customer relationship with conversations and anticipating the conversations, including the objections your customer may have. The course textbook identified 5 types of objections related to needs, product, source, price, and time/authority/ability, along with corresponding examples of each. 

In preparation for the Week 4 Summative Assessment: Customer Relationship Sales Pitch where you will be asked to determine objections for a specific scenario and prepare a reaction to the objection, you need to familiarize yourself with the 5 types of objections and various ways they can be communicated.

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Create a table or chart that lists 3 examples for each of the 5 types of objections. Your table or chart should have a total of 15 examples. Consider the following example: Under the “Objections Related to Needs” column in your table or chart, an objection could be: “I have no use for your service.”

Cite sources used to complete your assignment. 

Format citations and references according to APA guidelines. 

Include the references section below your table or chart.