Wk 3 – summative assessment: critical thinking: overcoming barriers | hum115 | University of Phoenix


                   Critical Thinking: Overcoming Barriers Matrix

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Identify 6 barriers to critical thinking listed in your text. You may use the barriers you already identified in your Week 1 assignment to get you started or choose new ones. Enter the barriers in the first column of the table below.

Provide an example from your personal, professional, or school life for each of the 6 barriers you choose. You may use the examples from your Week 1 assignment or choose new ones. Enter the examples from your life in the second column of the table below.

Explain in 2- to 3-sentences how you can overcome each barrier you identified. Think about what you might do to overcome that barrier in that situation. Consider if that strategy or method would be useful in another situation. Enter your explanation in the third column of the table below.

Note: The first row has been completed for you as an example.