Write a proposal | English homework help

Proposal:  This will be your pre writing for this assignment. Decide on one of the primary sources from the list. Pick one of the sources that you are most interested in and that you think you might be able to get the most out of for this assignment. Make sure your possible research question fits the directions. For the proposal do the following:

1.  Do a fast write about the material in the primary source. Focus on what you think might be some ethical questions you have about this source.  This could end up being your research question. This fast write should be at least 1 page in length.

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2.  Write a list of ALL the questions you have about this source material and the event. Go overboard on these in terms of the amount. This shoudl help you come up with your Research Question. You will need at least 20 questions.

3.  What is your research question? What is a possible tentative thesis? (This is what you think is the answer to the research question before you do the research.) Write the research question and the tentative thesis down.

4.  Do some initial research to find the beginning of your secondary sources.  List at least three possible secondary sources you have found so far in the form of the bibliography entry.