Write a three page critical reflection on two articles

The two articles are based on sentencing in the era of actuarial justice 

The questions that need to be answered within this critical reflection are: 

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What is the statement or the claim the author(s) is/are making? What are the arguments for their claims? What are the supporting arguments? Do the supporting arguments make sense based on the data, the conceptual/ theoretical and the literature presented by the author(s)? What are the theoretical or literary connection of the current articles to other articles/ concepts discussed in lectures? Use APA style intext citation. 

These questions are to be answered throughout the critical reflection and not with subtitles. 


Provide a short synopsis of each article, an overview of the main points, the arguments used to back up the main points, kind of like explaining the articles to someone who hasn’t read them, however this is not a summary of the articles 

Double spaced, 12pt font, Times new roman, APA style