Write pseudocode | Computer Science homework help

Write pseudocode for the 5 (five) problems for full credit. There are two ways to complete this quiz. One is to simply download the instructions file (docx) below and do your pseudocode code editing right into the instruction document. Then upload the edited Word file.The other is to type a separate document with your pseudocode and submit the newly created document. Make sure your pseudocode includes the problem descriptions. You get to pick your own poison. You DO NOT need to create C++ source code files for this assignment. Remember pseudocode is intended to be a description/roadmap for your program. Keep it simple but include enough information to define your plan. It is not supposed to look like code. Use the template sections. Purpose: Don’t just repeat the problem description. Think in terms of HOW you are going to do the job. Input: What values (if any) do you need from the user. You can also include known/defined values such as PI. Processing: Describe what processing/calculations need to be done Output: Results to be output. Text and/or calculated values.

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