Written assignment – case study analysis: psychological theory

Case Study:

Watch this video. 

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Children are a Gift: Overcoming Child Abuse (20 minutes)

This video focuses on child abuse, both from the child’s perspective and the foster parents’ point of view.



In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, include the following:

  1. Describe some of the circumstances the children in the video went through and how their experiences affected their behavior.
  2. Using psychological theory, analyze some of their behaviors, giving specific examples that connect to the theoretical analysis.
  3. Compare these children’s experiences to that of a “typical” child. What needs are not being met for these children? What are some possible behaviors or issues these children might display in their futures as a result of not having their needs met? How could a Human Services professional help?
  4. The foster parents interviewed in the video discussed their point of view in regards to taking in and raising abused children. Although it might seem like common sense, the way these foster parents are raising these children can also be explained using psychological theories of human behavior. Discuss one theory and apply it to the actions of the foster parents. How could a Human Services professional help these parents?