Written assignment – managing culture


Read the following case study and answer the questions below in a 2-3 page paper:

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Grainger, S. (February 2008). Roaring Dragon Hotel. Retrieved from Harvard Business School Publishing.




  • Do you think it was the right decision for Hotel International (HI) to take over the management of RDH? Why or why not?


  • Paul Fortune was appointed to begin the transition from a Chinese managed SOE to management by HI. What specific steps did he take to try and change the organization’s overall culture? If you were Fortune, would you take these same steps or what would you do differently?


  • As a Human Resource Manager, what would you have done to make the transition to the new culture easier for the employees?


  • At the end of the article, it states there was an immediate improvement when HI departed and the former GM was reinstated. Why do you think this happened?



References to use: For explantion and support


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