You are the lead engineer (systems analyst/engineer) for a medium


You are the lead engineer (systems analyst/engineer) for a medium sized (1000 employees) company. Your project is to replace the current customer order system with a new web-based system. The new system will offer your customers the opportunity to:

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1. Securely login.

2. View a catalog of products.

3. Place orders.

4. Check out.

5. View their order history.

6. Dispute or return items on the bills.

7. Electronically pay their billing statements either in-full or partial payment

8. View billing history for up to 12 months.

9. Print a local “hardcopy” of a bill for their own records.


Describe how you will test each part of this system before a full “go-live’ deployment.  Use references from your textbook and scholarly research. 

Describe your test plan. You should include:

1. At least one unit test

2. At least one system test

3. In both cases – describe how you will validate results. Refer to current research, textbook, or other materials to support your test method described.