Your final programming | Computer Science homework help

Your final programming assignment includes three C programming activities. You may use your book and any notes or coursework in completing this assignment. You should not, however, consult any other reference sources or sources of information.

Submit your code files to your mentor using the appropriate assignment submission link. The problems are weighted approximately equally (33%, 33%, and 34% respectively).

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Check the course Calendar for the assignment’s due date.

Final Programming Assignment Problem 1

Create a 2-by-3 two-dimensional array of integers and fill it with data. Loop through the array and locate the smallest value stored. Print out the smallest value as well as its row and column position in the array. 

Final Programming Assignment Problem 2

Prompt the user for 3 sentences of text. Pass these pieces of text into a function connect() which will connect all three sentences into one long sentence. Pass the combination sentence back to the main program, where it is printed. 

Write a program that will prompt the user for a file name and open that file for reading. Print out all the information in the file, numbering each new line of text.