Your response must be to a live theatre event. if you’re an on-campus


Your response must be to a live theatre event. If you’re an on-campus or Tampa-area student, you should choose Orlando, if possible, produced by Theatre USF, Feb. 27th- March 1st. Note that this show is in a small theatre and has a short run, so if you want to see it, get your tickets early. There’s more information at (Links to an external site.).

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There are many other possibilities for fulfilling this assignment. Here are a few suggestions:

  • American Stage in Saint Pete- Skeleton Crew Jan. 22 – Feb. 23, 2020
  • freeFall Theatre in Saint Pete – Loan Star Spirits Feb. 29th- March 29th
  • Stageworks Theatre in Tampa – Morning Side Feb. 7th- 23rd, 2020

Other theatres to check out include Hat Trick Theatre Productions in Largo, Urbanite and the Asolo Theatre in Sarasota, the University of Tampa, HCC Ybor City, St. Petersburg College – there are many more.

If you’re not in the Tampa area or you want to look for another production, you must choose from other available university/college or professional productions. You must check with me before you see a production other than those listed so that I can determine if it is appropriateIf you do not, your submission will not be acceptedDo not buy tickets or do your response and then ask if it’s okay – because it won’t be.

All performances, whether on or off-campus, must be viewed and responded to by the date listed in the Modules. You are responsible for getting your own tickets. NOTE: Many theatres offer student prices or other discounts. Check with the individual theatres.


For this assignment, you will write ten numbered paragraphs of 25-50 words each (you can make a paragraph longer, but anything shorter will not be adequate). Each paragraph must contain detailed observation and description of a component of the performance. This component might be a costume or a set piece; a specific actor or a specific moment in the performance; or the combination of movement and music at a particular time in the performance, or something else. Whatever you observe, you can write about, but only write about one thing in each paragraph.

Remember: You are not to write about whether you liked or didn’t like a particular thing; stick to observation/description. You must include at least one paragraph for each of the following categories: staging/directing; design (one each for costumes, sets, lights, media or sound); and acting. Remember: these paragraphs should be observations, not opinions. Focus on what you see and hear.

Your submitted paper should look something like this:

  1. My first observation and description.
  2. My second observation and description.
  3. My third observation and description

and so on.

(Note: You do not have to use the phrase “My (number) observation and description.” Just number your paragraphs and make sure that each paragraph focuses on one thing.)

Important: Do not attempt to write a coherent essay in which each paragraph leads into the next. Write 10 individual paragraphs about 10 things that you notice.

At the end of your list of paragraphs, write a short paragraph (paragraph 11 – between 100-200 words) about your experience of the production: what you liked or didn’t like, what you thought, what happened to you as you watched, and so on. Continue to be specific, and use, if appropriate, the observations you made in paragraphs 1-10 (for instance, after describing a costume in Paragraph 1, in your concluding paragraph you might say “One of the things I really liked was the designs. The kind of detail I described in paragraph 1 showed up throughout the design – I especially liked the way the green embroidery design on the costume transformed into lily pads on the wallpaper.”)

Include production information in a heading on your paper. The heading should include the name of the play, the theatre that produced the play, and the date when you went to see the play. Points will be deducted if this information is not included.

Each paragraph should be well-written, observing the standards of formal academic writing. You must submit your assignment online no later than 11:59 pm on Friday, March 6th.