Zaps | PSYC 3001 – Cognitive Psychology | Walden University

Compose a 1- to 2-page paper that includes the following:

  • ZAPS presents your results both as a graph and as a table. Use the link to download a copy of your results and paste either the graph OR table directly at the top of your Assignment. Your Assignment will earn a 0 if you do not include this graphic – it is verification that you have completed the assignment.
  • Describe the results from your ZAPS table or graph. How do your results compare with the Reference Results included in ZAPS or with your colleagues?
  • What does the Ponzo illusion tell you about how the visual system works?
  • How do visual illusions in general help researchers understand the visual system?
  • Suggest how the environment might affect perception of visual illusions. For example, do you think people who grow up in natural environments without skyscrapers, bridges, angular buildings, etc., would be prone to visual illusions in the same way we are? Why or why not?

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