Zoonotic disease – public health | pubh 8034 | Walden University

Becoming familiar with the environmental health factors that influence the transmission of zoonotic diseases and the areas of responsibility for public health professionals in responding to these events. 

TOPIC:   Module 5 Paper.  Tularemia outbreak in rabbits in a popular outdoor recreational area:   A few days before of a long holiday weekend, the local health department is notified that there has been a large die-off of rabbits at a reservoir popular for camping, swimming, boating, hiking, fishing and many other outdoor recreational activities. It is expected that at least 10,000 people will visit the area over the weekend. Upon investigation and sampling, the local health department confirms Tularemia is the cause. The affected area is adjacent to the swim beach, the RV park, and main trail heads.  

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To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources and the scenario the instructor provided you for this module. Think about your role as current or future environmental health/ public health professional and how you might address the scenario. Also, think about the responsibilities and services you may be called upon to carry out for the community. 

To Complete: Submit a 5-8-page paper addressing the above topic that you were provided.


Read the below Assignment Instructions.  

A title page, in APA format. 

Section headers, in APA format, for each section below: 

1. Provide a scholarly analysis of the zoonotic disease in the above scenario, highlighting the unique attributes of this illness, and support why it is a public health concern. Explain the situational background and why a public health response would be warranted.  

2. Describe the animal to human disease transmission process for this scenario, considering the unique epidemiology and environmental health factors that influence this disease transmission. What challenges/barriers can you expect to face, given this information?  

3. Describe the core public health roles and responsibilities that are key to both preventing and responding to the event. Include in your response how local, state and federal public health agencies may work together in controlling the spread of this zoonotic disease. Explain and support what resources and/or partnerships may be needed to respond to this incident. 

4. Describe the specific public health disease control and community protection procedures that you feel will best protect the community and support why. Discuss disease investigation and control, exposure treatment, animal disposal, and public information dissemination.  

5. Provide a summary/conclusion to support the public health significance and your recommendations for action. 

6. Cite all sources used within your text and be sure to follow APA format.  

7. Provide an APA formatted reference list at the end of your paper.


Only Peer-reviewed journals and articles must be referenced

Paper requirements a turnitin report of less than 5 percent comparison

Paper must be original and free of grammars.